Nicholas is a Solidity developer in Montreal.

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Web3 Galaxy Brain 🌌🧠 (2021-today)

Technical conversations with some of the brightest people building Web3.

Juicebox Protocol Onchain Metadata (2023)

An onchain SVG renderer and metadata registry. The renderer visualizes each Juicebox project's state in its NFT metadata 100% onchain. The registry lets every Juicebox project set their own NFT metadata instead. Described in this talk at EthGlobal Waterloo 2023.

Juicebox Cards (2023)

An open edition corresponding to all Juicebox projects that inherits their live metadata.

Opensea Metadata Refresher (2023)

A pm2/node cron process that refreshes metadata for NFTs on Opensea periodically. Useful for onchain NFT collections with dynamic metadata.

Piggybank 6551 (2023)

A piggybank NFT that visualizes how much ETH it contains in its onchain SVG metadata. EthGlobal Hackathon Winner and ERC-6551 Sponsor Prize Winner.

Leaderboard (2022)

A permissionless bounties prototype described here.

Substitute (2021)

Photomicroscopy NFT collection collaboration with @raphaelddddd.

Published Research

The Consumer Crypto Stack (tech talk, 2023)

Rendering Onchain: Experiments, Techniques, and Getting Started with Onchain NFT Metadata (tech talk, 2023)

The PFZ Stack: PartyBid-Fractional-Zora (essay, 2021)